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Passionate about the air conditioning business, John van Kralingen founded Compair Airconditioning & Heatpumps back in 1997. Ever since, the company is driven by providing high service and quality. John strongly believes that service and quality can be taken to the next level by a professional approach. Teaming up with two engineers, he started his company in Capelle aan den IJssel (Netherlands). Today, Compair Airconditioning is still located in Capelle aan den IJssel, however, currently in a building that is four times as large.

The right expertise

By supplying premium quality products, Compair Airconditioning & Heatpumps can actually guarantee that high service and quality level. In addition to a wide range of air conditioning systems for the residential and commercial market, Compair 

Airconditioning provides customized climate control solutions for commercial real estate, retail, utilities, health care as well as the housing and shipping industry. Compair Airconditioning has the right expertise for every application.

As a result of its constant pursuit of continuity at the highest level, Compair Airconditioning has become a most reliable partner in the field of air conditioning , heatpumps and climate control. Both nationally and internationally Compair Airconditioning is now a household name in the industry and clearly earned its reputation in many countries, e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France and Sweden.

Quality assurance

Compair Airconditioning is reviewed by several independent quality control bodies on a yearly basis. The many certificates obtained by the company secure an objective assessment.

Only premium products and reliable importers such as Mitsubishi and Daikin are able to meet the high quality standards set by Compair Airconditioning.

Installation and maintenance service

Compair Airconditioning has its own in-house installation and maintenance service. Well-trained and highly motivated staff provide high quality and service - always tailored to fully meet the requirements of the customer. Extensive knowledge, expertise and experience of our staff guarantee a market and customer oriented approach at all times.

Innovation and product development

Compair Airconditioning & Heatpumps is recognized for closely monitoring developments in the air conditioning, heatpumps and climate control industry. Developments and innovations with respect to design, user friendliness, energy consumption and especially noise level of the installation are just a few examples. Sophisticated computer techniques enable user friendly climate control solutions in almost every environment.

As a result of these developments activities are slowly expanding towards – for example - delivering contemporary multifunctional systems capable of heating, air handling and at the same time operating as a full heating system making use of heat pump technologies.

Customer orientation

To keep in touch with the market and to be able to adequately respond to the needs of customers, Compair Airconditioning regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys. Customers are requested to fill out a short survey / evaluation form after their system has been installed. Products delivered and service provided are highly rated and 

ensure a lasting relationship between customers and Compair.


Compair Airconditioning is a true team organisation which currently employs over 60 people. All staff are committed to always provide the highest service possible and their customer focus can be considered a second nature. Our expert engineers are fully equipped to provide quick and excellent service. From the first drawing to the professional maintenance of the systems: Compair Airconditioning always lives up to the principle of service and quality in combination with a good, personal and lasting contact with its customers.