Tulpenrallye 2015

For the third consecutive year Compair Airconditioning sponsors the Tulip Rally (in Dutch: Tulpenrallye). Every year the Tulpenrallye organization chooses a charity to support. This year, like last year, the 3 Mappa Mondo houses of the Red Cross have been chosen. These houses, all three located in the Netherlands, offer residential and guest care to seriously and/or chronically ill children aged 0 to 18 years. As a result of their disease these children often need continuing and intensive nursing care or supervision. That care is provided for in the Mappa Mondo houses. A wonderful charity to support. Compair participates with its inseparable team: John van Kralingen and Ingrid Klouwens.



Dutch CAA Foundation

Compair Airconditioning is ambassador of the Dutch CAA Foundation.

People who know they have CAA live with a ticking time bomb. As a result, the live intensely. Actually, everyone should regularly be on their toes, in order to get everything out of life. Live as if it is your last day. CAA is a brain disease that caused recurring haemorrhages and infarctions. This leads to paralysis, dementia and death. People die immediately or they deteriorate with each new haemorrhage and die. They live with a ticking time bomb. The disease is incurable, but it need not be. There is a solution. One that we want to find quickly since the enormity has become increasingly clear: one in four people over 60 years old get CAA. Unnecessary personal suffering that could be prevented.

People with the hereditary variant are the key to the solution. This group has the sad certainty of getting the disease at a young age. Since they can be examined before the onset of the disease, a cause can be discovered. A solution for them is a solution for everyone with CAA.

There is not enough money for research on this group. This is why the CAA Foundation was established, to remove this unnecessary ticking time bomb from many lives.


Skiing team Dordrecht

For quite some time now, Compair Airconditioning sponsors the Skiing Team Dordrecht. The skiing team consists of highly talented children who are offered the best training under the best circumstances. A number of top talents already surfaced: they have qualified at the Dutch Ski Association and obtained the NOC NSF status in the meanwhile. This also implies the establishment of strict requirements, such as a minimum number of actual training days in the snow as well as physical and mental coaching by certified trainers. Training camps are being organized in Austria.




Alzheimer Rally 17 April 2015

This year Compair Airconditioning sponsored the Alzheimer Rally and of course we participated too … to prepare for the Tulpenrallye and to double-check our golden oldie. The engine of our Porsche is overhauled, needed some adjusting here and there and some 1,000 kms in “slow motion” before going full throttle!! On 17 April the 4th edition of the Alzheimer’s Rally started from Chateau De Havixhorst in Schiphorst (the Netherlands). The fanciest cars, such as Alvis, Bugatti, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and of course Porsche were ready to compete for the first place.
The first three editions of the Alzheimer Rally raised the magnificent amount of € 111,500. This amount was presented to Prof. Dr. Philip Scheltens, neurologist and director of the VU MC Alzheimer Centre to research this terrible, yet common disease.

Traditionally, the Alzheimer Rally could welcome a number of prominent participants at its start: Wouter Bos rode along with Jan Kees de Jager, Jeroen van den Boom with his wife Dani and ‘good old’ Frits Wester with Roelof Hemmen (RTL 4). The latter to prepare for the forthcoming Tulpenrallye too.